Required Patient Behavior


Basic Rules

NO sex or other illegal activities
• NO pegging, no strap-on
• NO scat
• NO nudity on My part

(I am also a Fetish model & while I may model  nude,I will NOT be NUDE during O/our session).

• Any activity I feel unprepared to provide
• Bestiality role-play or related activities
• Incest role-play or related activities
• Infantilism or age play of any kind
• Anything I personally deem unsafe (any    activity that I feel may result in needing    a physicians care afterwards).

• NO brown showers
• NO Red showers
• NO Roman showers
• NO Extreme Race Play

​I expect that you prepare your mind and body for O/our session. It is important that you commit to a session time that will not make you feel rushed when entering or leaving the session.

I expect that you will be physically clean, rested and refreshed, and not under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. you should also eat a meal at a reasonable amount of time prior to O/our session, and be well hydrated.



Zero Tolerance:

 *If you are substantially late or miss your appointment altogether and do not call in advance to reschedule,

you will forfeit your deposit.  If this happens more than once, you will be banned from the Dungeon.

 * If you arrive at the Dungeon under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol, you will be asked

to leave and you will forfeit your deposit.  If this happens more than

once, you will be banned from the Dungeon.

Legal Notice

To be considered you must FIRST complete the Application found under the CONTACT/Request Appointment section.  I will not reply to emails until you have completed the form.


Attention First -Timers, prior to completing the application you MUST read the article below from


"13 Absolute NO-NOs when meeting a Domme for the 1st time!"


*Please be on time for your appointment.
*Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time.

*If you find that you are running late, please contact Me to either push back your scheduled appointment or to reschedule for another date/time.



Remember that Professional Dominants are NOT prostitutes!  The Practice of B/D, S/m & sensual sadism isn't prostitution & the offer of sexual services are neither implied nor offered here.  Asking a Domina or other Professional Dominant for sexual services may constitute as solicitation in some states & is  illegal. If a prostitute is what you desire, please do not contact Me.  If you choose to contact Me, it is understood that you do so as an adult over 21 years of age and that you are responsible for your own actions & you are doing so of your own free will.

To avoid any Hippocratic oaths or malpractice lawsuits, I'd like to state that a Dominatrix/Pro Domme is NOT a physician.  I have a form of medical training (nursing), which can greatly enhance My role as a Dominant nurse, but under NO circumstances am I working as a licensed medical professional during our session.

If you have a genuine medical complaint, I strongly advise that you consult a doctor. Dominant Mistresses practice sexual fantasy, not medicine.

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