Nurse D'Vitas Email Directions:


*Failure to do the following will result in your email being ignored!​*​


I require an Application for initial emails & the form can be found in My "Request Appointment" section.
Be sure to read ALL information on My site before filling out the application (see RULES). 

If you are unable to fill out this form on your computer, you may email Me.


NOTE: ​When emailing Me for session information, place the words “Session Inquiry” in the subject heading.

Write respectfully & clearly,

I do not tolerate rudeness or offensive language. 

Include your specific desires, limits, medical conditions, concerns & general interests. 


         Get Sick Soon!

To avoid any Hippocratic oaths or malpractice lawsuits, I'd like to state that a Dominatrix/Pro Domme is NOT a physician.  I have a form of medical training (nursing), which can greatly enhance My role as a Dominant nurse, but under NO circumstances am I working as a licensed medical professional during our session.

If you have a genuine medical complaint, I strongly advise that you consult a doctor. Dominant Mistresses practice sexual fantasy, not medicine.

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