Chastity & Key Holding

Surrender & Trust Me

Locking Up

Local Patients:  As a Nurse, it is important for Me to initially place your chastity device.

I will educate you in the proper care of device and personal hygiene requirements. During this appointment, you will perform a return demonstration to ensure your comprehension.  However, if distance precludes you from scheduling a clinic appointment with Me, a phone consultation will be arranged.


Distance Training:  Following an in depth work up to evaluate you as a candidate for Chastity Training, you may begin your training with My instruction. Initially, I will require you to send Me Before & After photos once you secure the device

(see photo instructions).  

One key will be mailed to Me & another will be put in a safe place that is not easily accessible.



Key Holding
  • Prescribed Programs range from minimum of 1 month to 12 months. Refills available as needed.  Dose management is based on an individual's personal needs and responses.  Photos are required to demonstrate patient compliance (photo instruction).

  • Maintenance Dosage:  Option for those who don't require much  medical attention (low maintenance).   COST: Includes minimal contact.  If you see Me weekly for other treatments, this fee will be waived).  I require that you send Me a weekly photo &  progress note.

  • Titration Dosage:  Option for prescribed "tease & torture" treatments weekly.                            COST:  Includes weekly check-up of your progress.  I require a weekly photo & progress note. In addition, I will prescribe treatments (self tease and denial, 'no touching' rules, mandatory pornography viewing, etc.)

  • Optimal Dosage:  Option in which psychological benefits of chastity can be significantly increased.  Includes "tease & torture treatments" two times per week.                                               COST:   Includes 2 weekly emails to monitor your progress.  As above, I require your emails to include photos and progress notes.  Prescribed treatments are: self tease and denial, 'no touching' rules, mandatory pornography viewing, etc. Rewards for progress may include time out of cage.

To avoid any Hippocratic oaths or malpractice lawsuits, I'd like to state that a Dominatrix/Pro Domme is NOT a physician.  I have a form of medical training (nursing), which can greatly enhance My role as a Dominant nurse, but under NO circumstances am I working as a licensed medical professional during our session.

If you have a genuine medical complaint, I strongly advise that you consult a doctor. Dominant Mistresses practice sexual fantasy, not medicine.

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