Registered Nurse & Pro Domme & Tantra Coach.


Dominant Nurse D'Vita, critically kinky and trained to treat your masochistic malady.
As a Nurse, "I've done fucked up things to patients for years...all to make them FEEL better." Nurses limit patients behavior, place patients in restraints, provide painful treatments, control pain and more. Pursing My interest in domination was a natural transition. I am fortunate to be mentored by Domina Angelina. 
I have over a decade of experience as a Nurse, specializing in critical care and surgical first assisting.  As an RNFA, I took on the role of an assisting surgeon and My sterile technique is unparalleled.  Review My certifications and skills.
Nurse D'Vita can "cure" your sick fantasies. Schedule your appointment by completing the patient/submissive Application. I require that you view and understand My RULES prior to completing the form.  
Do you have a fear of needles and hospitals that you don't wish to explore?
Visit My "Fetish Pharmacy" and view other Therapeutic options to see what will make you feel better...or worse.  
Diversity is My specialty. My roles change depending on session scheduled and My mood (Nurse, Mistress, Goddess).  My gallery of photos reveal My range of interests. 
I do sessions in Private Dungeons in San Francisco & Los Angeles.  Nurse Hotline &  Travel Clinic options are also available.
I am also a Tantra Coach at .  I teach males how to 0rgasm without ej@culation and techniques to bring more pleasure to the Goddess in their life. 
Also, sign up for My Newsletter so you are notified of upcoming Fetish events I will attend and My travel dates.
During My sessions, I am NOT practicing under My Nursing License.  It is strictly fantasy play & I do not diagnose or provide licensed medical care.  However, your session will be more realistic since I always possess My nursing knowledge & skills. See Disclaimer below at bottom of page.

To avoid any Hippocratic oaths or malpractice lawsuits, I'd like to state that a Dominatrix/Pro Domme is NOT a physician.  I have a form of medical training (nursing), which can greatly enhance My role as a Dominant nurse, but under NO circumstances am I working as a licensed medical professional during our session.

If you have a genuine medical complaint, I strongly advise that you consult a doctor. Dominant Mistresses practice sexual fantasy, not medicine.

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