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Magnetism /Confidence 

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Un-Lock the Jewels

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Men who aren't slaves to their sexual urges are focused men.  

Focused men are powerful men.

Control Your Urges & Tap Into Your Personal Power

I am Dominique D'Vita and I am a Registered Nurse, Pro-Domme, & Transformational Coach.

I have been a nurse for decades & have helped people survive their MOST challenging & fearful moments.

As a Pro-Domme & Tantra coach, I intimately know people's deepest desires & guide them to drop shame & fear so they can reclaim their power and experience more love, connection, success & pleasure in their lives.

What happens in the bedroom impacts your success in life as well.  

Are you ready to get focused & access your personal power?  


My client who is sixty & Viagra was failing him.  

Prior to working with me, he wasn't able to have S*X with his wife.  

We worked together for several months & here are a few things he has anonymously shared with me.  

" I am pharmaceutical FREE, fully functioning & my wife is happier than ever!  I am ready to take this to the next level! (Email I received from him following 6 months of working together). 

"I had an hour-long marathon session with my wife before work & I was ready to go again the next day!  I feel so much POWER in my PEN!S now!  

I wish I had discovered this 15 years ago!!

She has about 8 0rgasms every time we have s*x now

& she keeps thanking me for doing this work."

(Two weeks after he began his "level up" coaching sessions).

Anonymous- Age 60